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Purchasing from Calaveras Cowgirl Beef supports your local agricultural economy because we are stewards of the land; protecting and conserving the open space near where you live.

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We do not harvest for the masses. Our cattle are raised for two years to ensure they are healthy and produce the best hanging weight for harvest.

We harvest locally in the central valley, which produces less stressful hormones on the beef. Did you know that the meat you buy at large grocery chains release more stress hormones causing the meat to not keep its flavor? By reducing our transport time and supporting small harvest plants we are reducing the stress hormones that can impact the flavor of our beef for you.

We dry age our beef for 21 days to create a robust flavor. This ageing is longer than large production beef brands who are trying to meet consumption demands rather than beef quality. We also keep our cattle on the same land their mothers have been on for over 40 years, which retains their special flavor.


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